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  • Rapid Plus 3B The Dragon's Fang 


Rapid Plus is an exciting series of finely levelled books and software for English Language Learners and struggling readers. - Developed in consultation with Dee Reid, a former English teacher and co-founder of the hugely successful Catch Up programme. - A cutting-edge series for students between reading ages 6 to 9, helping them make two levels of progress. - Age-appropriate content, offering a huge variety of genres and art styles, rigorously levelled and trialled with 11-14 year-old students. - Innovative software is an easy, innovative way for SEN students to practise their reading skills independently, helping to build their confidence. - Teacher support with a strong focus on comprehension, designed to work for both specialists and non-specialists, with step-by-step support for reading sessions and end of stage assessments.

Rapid Plus 3B The Dragon's Fang 

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