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AA Power is an English learning platform for students aged 6-18 that utilizes artificial intelligence technology, designed and developed by Smart Education.

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AA Power has an extensive question bank of over a million questions carefully selected from SmartABC's 20 years of English teaching experience. Combined with TOEFL Primary, TOEFL Jr, TOEFL ITP, TOEIC, PET Young Learners, Cambridge English Exams, and IELTS seven scores, student's English proficiency can be easily and accurately determined.

Currently consisting of two major English learning modules AA Grammar and AA Reading, AA Power trains English grammar and reading skills in phrases, words, tenses, etc. Our powerful AI also constantly records and analyzes every students' weaknesses, determining and updating each individual students' English proficiency level so that every training session is tailored to maximize their improvement.

Compared with more traditional e-learning platforms, AA Power provides each student with a unique curriculum through more personalized training topics that target specific English skills. Our AI will determine and use each student's strengths and weaknesses to match them with new and different English grammar and reading categories. Before and after each training session, our AI determines and updates the knowledge gaps in each student, making each subsequent training session more effective and also helping parents and teachers to better understand their student's and children's English proficiency.

AA Power also provides a leaderboard and report card module, so that students and parents can better understand their English proficiency level relative to others. Our leaderboard allows users to compare their scores to their peers in the classroom, grade or the entire school in order to create a friendly competitive learning environment. Our report card module provides a summary of our AI's analysis on the student's current English proficiency and progression to let the students themselves better understand their own strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to efficiently improve their English outside of our platform as well.

AA Grammar 人工智能英文文法電子課程

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