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About MySmartReaders
Content suitable for primary AND secondary school students

MySmartReaders Program "Works"
Student learn in an Interconnected World
  • Visual Literacy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Blending Subjects
  • Media Literacy
What are the key features of the e-storybook platform?
  • E-storybooks with audio read-aloud function, text highlighting, beautiful illustrations and interesting animations
  • Post-reading exercises on vocabulary, key structures and grammar points
  • Interactive games to motivate seamless learning for students
  • Different learning levels to cater for learners’ diversity
  • A wide range of genres, themes and topics
"Programme highlights" – Reading is fun
  • 10 reading levels for Primary to Secondary Levels
  • Over 15 titles of graded level storybooks and readers, rich variety of text types ( including classic, fantasy, adventure, myths and legends, non-fiction and many more )
  • Each e-book contains online challenging games and extended learning tasks
  • Audio read-aloud, text highlighting, interactive animations, attractive illustrations and dictionary function are developed for each e-book
Cross-curricular content: MySmartReaders – Five exciting themes
  • Incredible Animals
  • Fascinating Places
  • Remarkable People
  • Exciting Activities
  • Amazing Science


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