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  • Longman English Spark! JS3B Vocabulary Booster


The Longman English Spark! Vocabulary Boosters support the Longman English Spark! Student Books. They aim to provide a user-friendly and meaningful means of recording, learning and reviewing vocabulary from and related to the Student Books.

In each Vocabulary Booster, you will find:
-target vocabulary items presented in context (includes all the vocabulary items from the Vocabulary Roundup section of the Student Books)
-extra vocabulary items (not included in the Student Books) for each unit
-Chinese translations for all vocabulary items and phrases
-a short paragraph showing the use of selected target vocabulary items in each unit
-useful phrases linked to each unit theme
-audio recordings of key words and phrases
-a vocabulary building summary
-a useful HKDSE Elective word list

Longman English Spark! JS3B Vocabulary Booster

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