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  • Mathematics in Action (3E) Supplementary Exercises Bk 3A (with Answer Key)


Mathematics in Action (Third Edition) Supplementary Exercises are written in association with the Mathematics in Action (Third Edition) series. It is designed to provide an additional resource of exercises for learners' diversity. Help Station with Explain Demo and Keywords Learning is also included to facilitate learning.
Organization of Supplementary Exercises
For each sectional exercise in the textbook, a corresponding Supplementary Exercise with two levels of questions is written.
- Level 1 Questions help students consolidate their basic concepts and techniques learnt.
- Level 2 Questions provide further practice to help students strengthen their problem-solving skills.
In addition, two more Supplementary Exercises are written for each chapter to strenghten students' techniques in handling the following types of questions.
- Multiple Choice Questions
- Cross-topic & Challenging Questions.

Mathematics in Action (3E) Supplementary Exercises Bk 3A (with Answer Key)

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