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The most comprehensive English Language Learning Programme

Key Features:

We are the only provider with 14 distinct learning levels that cater for KS-1, KS-2 and the NSS English Language Curriculum

MySmartABC.com is the only English Learning programme with artificial intelligence that can automatically adjust learning levels of students’ based on their English abilities.


We work with authentic and world renowned content providers including BBC Learning English, Mightybook from the US, USA Today, Newsweek, Time, People Weekly and News Bank.

Wide range of themes and text types are available

  • Interactive e-books
  • TSA Listening Practices
  • Language Arts & Non-language Arts learning and teaching resources for NSS
  • My Smart TV

SBA Writing Pad for students to improve their critical thinking and writing skills

Smart Speaking (Voice recording)

Vocabulary & Grammar building exercises

Wide range of question styles and types

  • Factual, vocabulary, grammar, inference andreference questions for ALL 14 grades
  • Question types include cloze, proof reading & analysis, True/False questions, matching, typing, form filling, etc.

Teacher Support

Teaching resources for New Senior
Secondary Curriculum

  • Language Arts Electives:
    • Songs & Poems
    • Short stories
    • Drama
    • Pop Culture
  • Non-Language Arts Electives:
    • Social issues
    • Workplace communication
    • Sports communication
    • Debating


MySmartABC English Online Reading Program (12 months)

  • HK$500.00

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