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  • HKDSE Mathematics Multiple Choice Questions (Second Edition)


HKDSE Mathematics – Multiple Choice Questions Second Edition in the Longman Exam Series is written for students who are preparing for the HKDSE Mathematics Examination (Compulsory Part). This book will ef¬fectively enhance student’s ability in tackling multiple choice questions in the HKDSE Mathematics Paper 2.

Special Features
• HKDSE Mathematics Paper 2 Trend analysis is included.
• Useful Techniques in Tackling MCQs summarize the shortcut methods for solving
multiple choice questions e¬ectively. For each technique, concrete Examples are given
to illustrate the idea.
• Strategy gives a clear guideline for students to solve di¬erent types of multiple choice questions.
• Revision Notes summarize the important theorems and formulas. They also include Exam Tips and Common Mistakes in doing multiple choice questions.
• Quick Drill (MCQs) check students’ basic concepts and skills.
• The Non-foundation Part of the syllabus is clearly indicated.
• Exercises and Quizzes are well graded and grouped by main concepts in each chapter.
• Two Mock Tests (Paper 2) at the end of the book provide students mock exam practice for self-assessment.
• Solution Guide, which provides full solutions to all the exercises and mock tests, can be accessed through QR code provided at the end of the book.

HKDSE Mathematics Multiple Choice Questions (Second Edition)

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