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An effective online Mathematics learning programme

Interactive and exciting learning content and practices:

  1. Interactive exercises
  2. Logical thinking and M.Q. training
  3. Exciting math games to arouse interests
  4. Critical thinking skills practices
  5. Problem solving practices

Learning Programme can be customized to meet the school’s requirements:

  1. 44 core units plus TSA practices
  2. 8 weeks of summer programme
  3. 5 weeks on intensive HKAT (HK Attainment test) programme of P.6 students
  4. Learning content is updated daily according to the school’s teaching schedule, students can develop independent and daily learning habits

Progress Monitoring:

  1. Parents can review students’ results online anytime, anywhere!
  2. Teachers can use their own login accounts to monitor students’ progress, by class, by grade or by individual student
  3. Teachers can also setup “small group” within a class to assist them in “small group teaching”

MySmart123(英文版) Online Learning Program (12 months)

  • HK$400.00

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