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MySmartSTEAM covers the world with our STEAM e-Readers

Uses the following as access points for guiding students' ingenuity dialogue and critical thinking!

  • Learn anytime, anywhere 

  • Instant feedback 

  • Authentic Reading Across the Curriculum (RAC) content 

  • Leader board arouses students' self-directed and peer learning skills 

  • Reading levels correlate with Lexile, TOEFL Junior standards and CEFR levels


  • MySmartSTEAM enhances students' literacy skills while challenges them to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.

  • Integrated skills development - Every e-Reader is supported by post-reading activities which aim at consolidating learners' reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. 

  • Interactive content can be used inside and outside the classroom. 

  • Promotes the 4CS: 

    Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking and Creativity.

For more details, please visit: https://www.mysmartedu.com/mysmartsteam

MySmartSTEAM Online STEAM BOOK Program (12 months)

  • HK$500.00

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