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SAO Cartridge, the first patented filter cartridge, is developed by TERSANO over more than 10 years of experiments and improvements.

It is especially designed for i-Clean mini as an add-on filter cartridge, filtering minerals in tap water and coverts tap water into high-performing stabilized aqueous ozone. It helps maximize cleaning performance by 25%, especially on glass, ceramic tile and stainless steel (less water stains). It also reduces odors from pets! (it is recommended to replace the SAO Cartridge every 4 months to maximize cleaning performance)


  • Filters minerals in tap water
  • Easy-to-use: install and replace in seconds
  • Single pack of cartridges lasts a year
  • Safe for use around children and pets

4 cartridges/box

iClean mini SAO Cartridges

  • HK$259.00

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